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MTBE candle

MTBE candle
MTBE candle
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The M-1 granular used in this filter significantly exceeds the capacity for MTBE than that of standard activated coal-based carbon, thus reducing the threat of MTBE in drinking water. Used as an additional cartridge in our Doulton dual and triple series Doulton model water filters More details...
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Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE) is the most common oxygenated fuel additive used in reformulated gasoline. In drinking water, even trace amounts of MTBE can cause taste and odor problems. The M-1 filter has been specifically designed for MTBE removal, to be used as a post-filter for gravity water filter systems and in most 10 pressure filter housings. M-1 granular is a bituminous coal-based product with a pore structure designed for increased capacity for trace organics and weakly adsorbed species, such as MTBE.MEDIA: 400 Grams of MTBE granular carbon.

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