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Doulton Ultracarb (OBE) 2" X 10" W9223002 (Pressure)

Doulton Ultracarb (OBE) 2" X 10" W9223002 (Pressure)
Doulton Ultracarb (OBE) 2" X 10" W9223002 (Pressure)
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Brand: Doulton
Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge. 2"X10" (OBE)For Non-Doulton 10" housing. W9223002 More details...
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Product Details
Ceramic cartridge elements are Double-Open-Ends (DOE). Doulton's 2x9.75 inch ceramic cartridges is designed to fit industry standard 10 inch housing. In addition they are ideal prevention for reverse osmosis (RO) membrane microbiological fouling and additional safety for UV systems in reduction of turbidity down to 0.07 NTU.2x9 3/4 in. Doulton Ultracarb(OBE)ceramic cartridge for 100% removal of Cryptosporidium, 100% removal of Cysts, Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals (Lead) .Used as a UV pre or post-filter as well any standard filter housing using 2.5x9 3/4 in. cartridge, 600/2400 gals./L capacity. Four stage cleanable cartridge. Fits Standard 10" housing

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