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Doulton Supersterasyl 2"x7" W9121200 (Gravity)

Doulton Supersterasyl 2"x7"  W9121200 (Gravity)
Doulton Supersterasyl 2"x7" W9121200 (Gravity)
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SKU: CN-SS 2"x7" (L)
Weight: 1 lbs 0 ozs
Brand: Doulton
2"x7"SuperSterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Replacement for Gravity Fed Portable Systems such as the GSS2. 500gallons capacity. More details...
Price: $31.00
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Product Details
SuperSterasyl Ceramic Water Filter Replacement for Gravity Fed Portable Systems, GSS2, GSS-mini, LP-5.
This filter element is suitable for gravity and low pressure filter systems; it is not recommended for high pressure         (high flow rate) systems. If used in pressure filters, the GAC granules may shift and ‘channelize’ which could allow water to flow through the filter without and contact with the GAC. In gravity mode ceramic shell removes 100% of pathogenic cysts and coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC) for removal of chlorine, VOC's, industrial solvents, heavy metal (lead) bad taste, odor etc
*  Maximum working pressure .................. 125 psig
*  Maximum working temperature ............. 100 F
*  Minimum working temperature .............. 40 F
*  Recommended flow rate ..................... 0.4 to 1.5 gal/minute
*  Recommended ceramic candle cleaning frequency ........ every 6 months or when water flow rate is noticeably lower *  Recommended change frequency ......... 6 months or 535 gallons (2,000 Liters), whichever is sooner

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