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Aquacera SS42 Gravity

Aquacera SS42 Gravity
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Aquacera SS42 Gravity

Weight: 3 lbs 0 ozs
Price: $179.00
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  • Uses 2 candles but will accommodate up to 4 Aquacera filter candles
  • In use dimensions: 8"x19"
  • Transport dimensions: 8"x11"
  • Using 2 candles system can provides up to10 gallons per 24 hrs
  • Holding capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Replacement Filters: CeraGrav Plus 7"
  • Optional add-on filter elements for fluoride and heavy-metals, and nitrates

SS42 Aquacera-Cerasyl-Plus-replacement-filter
Filtration Rating Absolute 0.9 micron
Nominal 0.5 to 0.8
Working Pressure Milnimum gravity
Maximum gravity
Flow/drip Rate 2 candles 0.5 gallons per hr
Parameters Temperature 32 110 (F)
Capacity Liters 3785 per candle
Gallons 1000 per candle
Turbidity Reduction >99.7%
Pathogenic Organisms E.Coli >99.99%
Cholera >99.99%
Shigella >99.999%
Typhoid >99.999%
Klebsiella >99.999%
Cryptosporidium >99.999%
Giardia >99.999%
Organics Removal >95% >95%
Inorganics Removal Chlorine >90%
Chloramines >80%
Lead N/A

Nitrate N/A

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