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Aquacera No Scale® Salt free conditioners

Aquacera No Scale® Salt free conditioners
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Aquacera No Scale® Salt free conditioners

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Aquacera Salt Free Scale and Corrosion Inhibiting Systems, alternative to conventional water softening systems using salt or potassium chloride. More details...
Price: $856.00
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Product Details

Salt Free Water Conditioners - Made in U.S.A.

Model No.Price
Tank Size
Max. Hardness
Peak Flow

FSC6.3NJ* $856.00
8x35 in.
25 grains
10 GPM
FSC8CJ5 $1084.00
8x44 in.
25 grains
16 GPM
FSC10CJ7 $1358.00
10x44 in.
25 grains
20 GPM
FSC105CJ $1570.00
10x54 in.
25 grains
24 GPM
12x52 in.
25 grains
27 GMP
* No chrome jacket.

NoScale® - the benefits of softened water without the disadvantages

  • 120 day money back guarantee based on qualified water analysis report furnished to us prior sale.
  • Easy Installation - each NoScale® tank is fitted with a simple in-out head and comes complete with a bypass valve and 1 or 3/3 inch fitting kit for simple installation.
  • No Scale Build-up on Fixtures and Appliances - Testing has shown that NoScale® can prevent 99% of limescale deposition and even reduces limescale that has already been deposited on heating elements and in pipes. (Removes Existing Scale Build up).
  • Healthy - Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not add sodium in order to replace the limescale in the water. It is not healthy for humans to consume too much salt and the absence of sodium means that NoScale® is even suitable for those on low sodium diets. In addition, minerals which are beneficial to health remain in the water.
  • Environmentally Friendly Technology- No wasted water. Unlike traditional softeners, NoScale® does not require backwashing, which can save users thousands of litres of water per year. As well as the cost saving for those on metered supplies, this water saving combined with the absence of salinated water being flushed into the sewerage system has huge environmental benefits.
  • Conditioned Water Without Slippery Feel
  • 50% Less Soap or Detergents Required
  • No Salt Bags, No Resin, No Hassles and No Softeners Ban!!!
  • WQA Gold Seal Certified Media to NSF/ANSI-61 materials safety protocol

How does the NoScale® function?

Hard water is water that have high mineral content mainly charged dissolved magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+) carbonate (temporary hardness). NoScale® is a catalyst media which transforms the dissolved Mg2+ and Ca2+ carbonate into non-charged neutral chemical bonds (calcite crystals). When the crystals reach size in the range of nanometer (microscopic) they detach from the polymer beads and are rinsed away by the water flow. The crystals are heat resistant and do not revert to dissolved state.

These systems are designed to specifically tackle hard water problems with no salt or other regenerants, no backwash and no electricity.

NoScale® is a trademark of Fairey Industrial Ceramics LTD, UK

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